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Review - The Anti-Inflammatory Kitchen Cookbook

Anti-Inflammatory Kitchen Cookbook cover - ISBN: 9781454931386

We are becoming more and more aware of the effects that our diets have on our health, as this awareness grows so does the popularity of non-traditional diets. Vegan , Keto and gluten free diets are everywhere , but "The Anti Inflammatory Kitchen Cookbook" presents a new approach to clean eating.

Boasting over one hundred recipes developed by dietitian Leslie Langevin, this book offers a solution to those suffering from conditions like IBS, fatigue or arthritis who want to make lifestyle changes, but don't want to scrimp on quality or flavour. This book doesn't overly concern itself with calories , but instead focuses on the balance we need to have a truly healthy diet.

The recipes are split into seven sections and there are delicious meals for all occasions and tastes in each . All your favourites are here, but in more healthy versions. In the week I've had the book I've made burgers, doughnuts and a wonderful mockeroni and cheese. Each recipe was easy to follow and had tips and tricks on how to adapt the recipe to your tastes. Some do require ingredients that are a bit harder to obtain, but these are rare and once you have them you'll be glad you do. The sheer variety of recipes on offer in this book is impressive ( i have my eye on a delicious looking roast beef), and once you've tried a few you get a good idea off how this style of cooking works and can begin to develop ways of amending your current diet to fit.

And that is the whole point of this book, it's not just a compendium of recipes, its a complete guide to cleaner eating. Alongside the recipes this book has meal plans, kitchen hacks and guides to what foods do and don't support this diet. There are guides on how to maintain the diet when eating out and a really handy 30 day meal plan.

For anyone who is looking to kick-start lifestyle changes or just improve their diet, this book is the best place to start.

This must-have book is available to buy now for £22.99

Author: Leslie Langevin

Published by: Sterling

ISBN: 9781454931386

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